For zirconia and lithium disilicate

The three-step diamond impregnated polishing system smoothens the restorations, removes surface scratches occurred during contouring and provides a high-gloss polish. ZiLMaster is available in a variety of shapes and shanks for both extra- and intra-oral application.

Systematic polishing of zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations:

  • Finishing/Prepolishing: ZiLMaster Coarse with green banded shank
  • Polishing: ZiLMaster Medium with blue banded shank
  • Final polishing: ZiLMaster Fine with yellow banded shank


  • High gloss in 3 polishing steps
  • Optimal ratio between speed and contact pressure
  • Precise concentricity
  • Low heat generation
  • No polishing paste is needed