For porcelain restorations

These silicone polishers are densely filled with natural diamond particles. They are durable and designed for quick finishing and polishing of ceramic restorations, to provide a smooth surface. The combination of the different particle sizes of CeraMaster Coarse (dark-grey polishers) and the finer CeraMaster polishers (blue and white banded shank) ensures an efficient concept for a homogeneous surface treatment.


  • CeraMaster Coarse polishers are designed for a quick finishing and prepolishing of ceramic restorations in one step only. They particularly show their forte when adjusting ceramic coping margins made from materials such as aluminium oxide and zircon oxide.
  • For superpolishing CeraMaster polishers are recommended. When using the CeraMaster polishers there is no need to use an additional polishing paste, as the high shine is produced by using the diamond-impregnated silicone polishers themselves.


  • Silicone polisher with integrated diamond particles
  • Customisable
  • No polishing paste is needed
  • Long-lasting operating life
  • Low heat generation

When using the polishers intraorally, operate each polisher under dry conditions with intermittent strokes and supply compressed air to avoid an excess overheating of the ceramic and to protect the pulp.


CeraMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit

For finishing and polishing of all porcelain restorations

The kit includes all necessary rotary instruments for the systematic finishing and polishing of porcelain restorations in the dental practice.

Dura-Green: 1 each CN1, FL2, RE1
Dura-White: 1 each CN1, FL2, RE1
CeraMaster Coarse: 1 each knife, cup, minipoint
CeraMaster: 1 each knife, cup, minipoint


Product Information

CeraMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit