Use Great White® Ultra to cut quickly and smoothly through enamel and complete your bulk reduction task during crown preparation with a single instrument. Negotiate amalgam and other restorative materials with minimal clogging and no ‘drag or stalling’.

The Great White® Ultra is a dentated carbide uniquely designed to cut fast with minimal clogging, which means less chair time and greater efficiency.

Ideally designed for initial reduction and the contouring of internal walls for inlay and onlay preparations.

Rounded edges of KR burs produce rounded axial line angles to better distribute occlusal forces.

Flat end taper is ideal for preparation of the proximal box with divergent walls with an approximate 6°angle

Traditional diamond instruments often clog during the bulk reduction task in crown preparation, particularly when cutting non-brittle substrates like amalgam. There is no clear way to wash away the debris. As a result, diamonds quickly lose their cutting efciency. Unlike diamond instruments, the Great White® Ultra carbide is designed to provide high-speed performance with minimal clogging.