DuraPolish & DuraPolish Dia

Polishing pastes system

Dura-Polish is impregnated with up to 73 % by weight with aluminum oxide particles, and efficiently achieves a very homogeneous surface when prepolishing composite, alloys, denture acrylics and PMMA, especially in difficult to reach areas.

Dura-Polish DIA is filled to an extremely high level (67 % by weight) with industrial diamond particles. Due to the ultra-fine particle size of < 1 µm this polishing paste achieves an excellent and consistent high gloss with composite and porcelain.


  • Dura-Polish: Prepolishing and polishing of composite, alloy and denture acrylics
  • Dura-Polish DIA: High-luster polishing of composite and porcelain, zirconium and alloys


  • Adhesive character of paste ensures maximum surface contact
  • Viscosity of paste minimizes splattering
  • Economical to use
  • Excellent polishability