Efficient, straight-line access to canals is achievable with EndoGuide®, a unique set of eight carbide burs for non-surgical root canal treatment. The patented, conical shaped micro-diameter tip acts as a self-centering guide for precision access to canals while conserving healthy peri-cervical dentin. The funnel-shaped bur design improves canal visualization.

Use of EndoGuide Burs creates a V-shaped access pathway to reduce endodontic file deflection and:

  • Offers precision guidance for efficient identification of calcified/MB2 canals.
  • Conserves vital peri-cervical dentin to strengthen resistance to fracturing.
  • Facilitates increased tactile sense of dentin and calcied canals.
  • Provides a polished dentin surface for easier visual identification of hidden canals, reducing dependence on costly ultrasonic instrumentation.


Problem: Round burs were designed to cut vertically and horizontally, which can cause run-off and difficulty finding canals during endodontic access.

Solution: EndoGuide burs are funnel-shaped, specially designed to offer an accurate straight-line access path and better tactile sense. Doctors have indicated Endoguide Burs conserve 40% more peri-cervical dentin, which is key to strength, increased restoration life and general dentist satisfaction with endodontic results and referral.



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