Surgic AP2

The ultimate fusion of precision and simplicity.

Surgic AP2, NSK’s surgical micromotor system, has reached the next stage in its evolution. Visibility and operability have been improved through the incorporation of an LCD monitor. The handpiece and motor have been made lighter and more compact. Wireless Foot Control allows practitioners to focus completely on the procedure.

  • Improved operability with a more compact new motor.

The significant size reduction was achieved for the motor with NSK’s proprietary micro-motor technology. Operability during treatment has been greatly improved by moving the center of gravity closer to the head of the handpiece. This increases efficiency and alleviates the stress during prolonged operation for strain-free, effortless operation.

  • Maximum torque increased from 50 Ncm to 80 Ncm.

There are a range of upgrades to ensure even greater comfort during implant treatment. These specifications put the needs of professionals first.

  • Superb visibility and operability Large color LCD panel

Visibility is guaranteed with the large, back-lit, high-contrast, LCD panel. The display can be adjusted in 10 brightness levels. The display’s intuitive and easy-to-understand icons allow for smooth operation.

  • A more compact yet powerful motor and minimized handpiece head reduce strain.

This new handpiece has been reduced in size by 2mm (compared to the previous model), making it much easier to create holes using surgical guides. This also allows for a wider field of view for practitioners, significantly improving accessibility to the oral cavity. Additionally, the reduced size dramatically minimizes discomfort for patients during procedures, allowing for a more comfortable overall experience.

  • Silent and Smooth Irrigation Pump

The irrigation pump provides consistent and steady flow operating quietly in the background. Irrigation tube set-up is simple and straight-forward and the pump fits seamlessly in the compact and elegant design of Surgic AP2.

  • User-Friendly Foot Control (FC-84)

Foot Control wireless connectivity has been incorporated through Bluetooth®. Without cables, practitioners can freely select their optimal pedal position. It has also been made even lighter, making it easier to quickly adjust positioning.

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