VarioSurg 3

  • SUPER SLIM HANDPIECE: for maximum potential
  • 3D CUTTING TIPS: Choose from over 50 ultrasonic tips for a wide range of applications.
  • SYNERGY IN IMPLANTOLOGY: Two linked surgical systems that use a single foot control. A brand-new approach to implant and surgical treatment.
  • BURST Mode: You can switch modes instantly from Surg Mode to Burst Mode even during the procedure. Burst Mode creates a hammer drill effect capable of cutting through even the hardest tissues. Select any of three types of Burst Mode according to the procedure and the condition of the bone.
  • Foot Control: The VarioSurg3 foot control conforms with the IPX8 standard for medical foot control systems. All functions are clearly marked and allow accurate and hands-free operation of the unit within the pre-set parameters. Using the metal bar the foot control can easily be re-positioned at any time.
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