BeautiBond Universal

Multifunctional light-cured bonding system

Thanks to its special composition, this universal adhesive system combines superior bond strength and easy handling with high versatility. It is indicated not only for direct composite restorations and intraoral repairs, but also for indirect restorations including veneers and composite core build-ups.

BeautiBond Universal is a single-component adhesive allowing you to etch, prime and bond in one step. The filler and HEMA-free formulation facilitates water removal, forms an adhesive film only 5 μm in thickness (making it suitable for anterior restorations), and ensures excellent adhesion to enamel and dentine, composites, zirconia and alumina ceramics, and both precious and nonprecious alloys.

Two accessories complete the system: BeautiBond Universal DC Activator for the pretreatment of resin cements and resin build-up materials and the activation of dual curing; and BeautiBond Universal CR Enhancer for the priming of silicate glass and lithium silicate glass ceramics and cured composites.


  • High bond strengths to enamel and dentine
  • Minimised technique sensitivity thanks to filler and HEMA-free formulation
  • Thin adhesive film (5 μm) for aesthetic restorations with invisible margin lines
  • Universal adhesive system suitable for use with resin cements and resin build-up materials


  • Direct restorations with light-cured composites
  • Intraoral repair of fractured restorations with light-cured composites
  • Cementation of indirect restorations with light or dual-cured resin cements
  • Core build-ups with light or dual-cured resin materials