Strata-G™ Interproximal Wedge

Strata-G™ forms a 270° Seal™ for ultimate flash control.

Flexibility for a better cervical seal! Strata-G™ Wedges utilize Soft-Face™ materials and advanced design to promote a better fit.

Stack them up. The smooth tunnel design easily accommodates stacking of wedges. This feature is extremely helpful in cases of gingival recession or when simultaneous wedging from the buccal and lingual is desired.

No back-out. Soft retentive fins smoothly fold down during wedge insertion and spring back when clear of the interproximal space, locking Strata-G™ Wedges in place.

Gentle on the papilla. Smooth tunnel design and rounded edges glide over the papilla with less trauma.

A better seal by design. The inverted V shape sits lower and seals deeper interproximally while flexible side walls and Soft-Face™ TPE over-mold allow Strata-G™ Wedges to easily adapt to concavities and irregularities.

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