SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra

The multilayer zirconia for every challenge

SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra combines high-strength zirconia varieties in an extremely powerful multilayer CAD/CAM material. Translucencies increasing from the cervical zone to the enamel zone and outstanding flexural strength in all zones make it a premium restorative meeting every clinical challenge. Whether monolithic, partly or fully veneered, SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra allows you to achieve great results in all cases.

The material covers a wide range of indications, including 14-unit bridges with two connected pontics in the anterior and posterior regions. Thanks to higher light reflection in the cervical area, as compared to ZR Lucent, ZR Lucent Supra also features a lifelike appearance without any compromise, especially in cases requiring more effective masking, such as discoloured stumps or implants.

Perfect in every detail: Staining or layering for aesthetic optimisation

You can aesthetically optimise and seal a monolithic restoration made of SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra with Vintage Art Universal stains and glazes as needed. If you wish to aesthetically perfect a reduced framework, you can complete the anatomical shape with Vintage ZR dentine and enamel materials.

Benefits and indications

  • Multiple indications, including 14-unit bridges with two connected pontics
  • Compatible with all current CAD/CAM systems
  • Suitable for both staining and cut-back/veneering technique with Vintage ZR
  • Smooth transition of shades and translucencies
  • High-end aesthetics, comparable to lithium disilicate
  • Lifelike appearance without any compromise, especially on implants

More vivid, brilliant and natural

The well-balanced relation between lifelike translucency and high strength is based on differences in particle sizes between the individual layers. The larger the particles are, the more they transmit light and the less they refract or reflect it. The finer they are, the more they reflect and scatter light. The result is lifelike, intense light reflection in the high-strength cervical area, decreasing towards the incisal area. This makes restorations appear much more vivid, brilliant and natural, as compared to conventional, translucent multilayer zirconia materials.

More safety – even when making large restorations

SHOFU Disk ZR Lucent Supra offers not only great aesthetic properties, but also a high flexural strength of over 1,000 MPa across the entire disk height, for more safety when making very large restorations. This allows you to freely choose the nesting position in the disk.

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