X-Ray™ Film and Phosphor Plate Holders

Clear radiographs are essential to diagnosis. The better the technology, the better the radiographs and the more precise the diagnosis.
The advantages of Hawe Solutions for X-rays are clear enough to see

  • Exact positioning of the film or phosphor plate relative to the tooth – no bending and thus no distortion.
  • No ocular guesswork – exclusive, automatic reliance on the extraoral aiming and centring device.
  • Reproducible images (quasi standardisation).
  • Optimally clear radiographs.

Improving the quality

  • Constant X-ray quality over time – no matter who takes the radiographs.

Increased profitability

  • Simplicity of the system in use – saving time.
  • Delegation possible to hygienists.

Uses the most modern technology

  • Special holders (colour-coded) for different types of radiograph.
  • Compatibility with all X-ray tubes.