The high performing disc is now even easier to choose!

  • Translucent disc. Enhanced working surface visibility.
  • Flexible. Thin disc allows for greater disc flexibility.
  • Long-lasting. Made of durable polyester impregnated with aluminium oxide particles.
  • Precise. Flush-mounted mandrel and patented retention system ensure precise operation, protecting neighbouring teeth from scarring and tissue damage.
  • Ready to use abrasive layer. Uncoated cutting edges for high efficiency from the start.

Patented mandrel design

  • Special coated mandrel is placed below the surface of the disc, for protection against scarring of the restoration and better handling.
  • Optimal torque transmission to disc, no sliding and not rpm sensitive.
  • Shorter mandrel Facilitates access to posterior and other restricted areas.

Why is it ideal for aesthetic restorations?

Finishing is critical to obtain proper contour and occlusion, healthy embrasure and smooth surfaces that blend aesthetically into the tooth’s natural shape. This is why it is so important in aesthetic restorations.

The OptiDisc system allows your restorations to obtain a final result equal to that of natural dentition. It assists you from contouring to finishing through the different colour coded grit levels available.