Dental Rotary Instrument for Removal of Temporary Cement and Debris

OptiClean™ represents an innovation for optimal dental care and it is the first rotary instrument for the removal of temporary dental cement and debris. It is the smallest tool available on the market with flexible coating and 1.65mm tip diameter.The optimised abrasive particles remove cement on dentine efficiently but with minimal abrasion. OptiClean features an A-silicone matrix for excellent flexibility and dynamic stress behaviour. Its high performance polymer guarantees perfect and secure fit of the mandrel in the handpiece.


Easy and efficient handling:

  • Faster, easier and complete removal of temporary cement
  • Excellent access thanks to its specific design
  • Clear view of the working surface since no paste or pumice slurry is required.

More gentle than common procedures:

  • Low risk of abrasion on the preparation and adjacent teeth
  • Gentle on the soft tissue