OptiBond™ XTR

Self-Etch, Light-Cure Universal Dental Adhesive

OptiBond™ XTR stands apart as the only dental bonding agent that embodies both the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive and the simplified protocol of a self-etch technique.

Universal compatibility enables use for all direct and indirect restorations.

The unique chemistry of an enhanced self-etch primer and optimised adhesive in this 2-bottle system dental bonding agent brings outstanding bond strength to uncut enamel and dentine.


The Truly Universal Dental Bonding Agent.

OptiBond XTR:

  • Effective on all dental surfaces
  • Two bottle and no auxiliary product needed
  • Outstanding bond strength


No auxiliary products needed

  • Easy application with strong bonding results
  • No need to selective-etch for an effective enamel preparation
  • No need for dual cure activator for compatibility with any cement
  • Effective Silane replacement

Effective on all dental surfaces and areas

True universal formula effective for:

  • Direct and indirect restorations
  • Both dentine and enamel
  • Most critical dental areas (i.e V class)
  • Great aesthetic results
  • Compatible with any resin cement




OptiBond Family Indications