Opti1Step™ Polisher

Enhanced polishing results for composite restorations; smooth surface and high gloss in just one step.

  • Increases surface gloss.
  • Eliminates scratches on composite restorations.
  • Reduces surface roughness and bacterial retention.
  • Delivers results comparable to multi-step systems and procedures.
  • Perfect control of abrasiveness on all surfaces due to optimised flexibility.
  • Allows variable abrasion by changing pressure.
  • Gold-plated mandrel and unique abrasive matrix for greater durability.
  • Autoclavable and reusable.
  • More cost-efficient compared to traditional procedures.

Why is it ideal for aesthetic restorations?

Polishing is the last step of any aesthetic restoration, and should allow you to achieve a high gloss shine, smooth enough for the gingival tissue to tolerate the restoration well.

The tools used for this step are the least aggressive, yet they need to be able to give you effective control and access to harder to reach areas. Opti1Step is a one step polishing system for your composite restorations that promises to do just that.