Hard Denture Reline Kit


  • Super-fast and easy to use.
  • Non-runny, thixotropic consistency won’t gag the patient.
  • Auto-polymerizing resin formula sets without a curing light.
  • Eliminates powder/liquid mess.
  • Ideal for small jobs like attachment pickups as well as full relines.
  • Translucent pink polymer blends beautifully with most denture base shades.
  • Works with the same 50ml dispensing gun as your impression material.


For Durable, Convenient Chairside Hard Relines
MucoHard™ denture reline resin produces strong, long-lasting chairside hard relines without inconvenient powder/liquid mixing. The natural-looking pink polymer blends beautifully and bonds tenaciously to most acrylic (methacrylate-based) denture base resins. MucoHard is ideal for full relines or even small jobs such as customizing a post dam, extending deficient borders or picking up overdenture or implant attachment housings. Saves time for you and your patient, while saving the denture from a trip to the lab.