Maxcem Elite™

Self-Etch, Self-Adhesive Dental Cement Maxcem Elite

Maxcem Elite self-etch, self-adhesive resin cement for indirect restorations is simplicity refined – with higher bond strength and superior ease of use – offering proven technology without sacrificing performance: easy to clean up with no hand mixing, and no refrigeration required. For more convenience, intra-oral and root canal tips allow for dispensing of material in areas hard-to-reach.

Introducing the improved Maxcem Elite:

  • 90% Greater Bond Strength to Dentine: Maxcem Elite employs the same unique adhesive monomer used in Kerr’s OptiBond family of bonding agents. The optimised resin matrix and filler systems improve wettability, resulting in greater adhesion to dentine.*
  • One-Peel™ Cleanup for consistent outcomes: Maxcem Elite’s thixotropic property facilitates the placement of material and easy cleanup.
  • No Colour Shift for Better Aesthetics: the colour change in Maxcem Elite is imperceptible, when compared to systems that contain tertiary amines. Colour shift over time is better than leading self-adhesive or adhesive resin cements.*


Other features

Ease of use: No need to refrigerate, easy cleanup, and no hand mixing required.

Compatible with all indirect restorations: Anterior or posterior ceramics, veneers, PFMs, metal restorations, and CAD/CAM materials.

Dual cure: Efficient self-cure mechanism allows material to set up completely in the absence of light or tack cure.

For extra convenience, intra-oral and root canal tips are available to dispense material in hard-to-reach areas.


Maxcem Guide

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