Kolor + Plus

Kolor + Plus™

 Resin Colour Modifier

Kolor + Plus™ Resin offers colour modifiers and opaquers for use with composite restorations; the perfect way to enhance and extend your ability to match natural dentition.
With Kolor + Plus™, you can create just the right tint for occlusal surfaces, highlight gingival areas, simulate developmental grooves and replicate subtle details to make a restoration truly lifelike.




Can you mix two or more shades together to get another shade?

Yes, you can but be careful not to incorporate air into it.

Is Kolor Plus a light curing system?

Yes it is.

When do you apply the Kolor Plus?

You apply the Kolor Plus after the bonding agent is placed down on the tooth.

Can you apply Kolor Plus on the top of the restoration?

No, it should either go on top of the bonding agent or between layers of composite.

What are the opaquers used for?

Opaquers are used to mask or cover stains or metal.