Exposé is the simplest-to-use caries detector product available today. Instead of messy squeeze bottles or syringes, Exposé is pre-dried on a Benda® Micro applicator. Simply touch it to a wet tooth surface to apply. No drip or mess that can stain clothing or soft tissue. Exposé is available in red or blue dye colors, pre-applied to either fine or extra-fine Benda Micro brush applicators. Made in the USA


  • Available in 2 indicator colors:
    Red: Enables better visibility, so you can see decay on stained dentin. Brighter and easier to see when light is reduced in the posterior. Better color contrast on darker decayed preps.
    Blue: Easier to see decay on dentin with actively bleeding preps. Differentiate between decay and pulp in deep preps. Clearly see decay on preps where dentin decay is tooth-colored.
  • Perfect for minimally invasive preps; allows you to identify and remove affected tooth structure, leaving healthy enamel and dentin
  • Single-use applicators makes tray set-up easy – simply place one on the tray – no syringe, no sheath, no tips to replace, no cross-contamination
  • Contains an FD&C dye in a propylene glycol base
  • Works by staining the by-products of carious lesions