Dryz Blu

  • Bright aqua blue color allows easy detection of where material is placed.
  • Provides fast, effective hemostasis due to its aluminum chloride content.
  • Great for tissue management when seating restorations, placing rubber dam clamps (controlling bleeding), bleaching teeth (to manage moisture) and restoring subgingival cavities.
  • Stiff consistency for more displacement of sulcular tissue.
  • Also available in Unit Dose Capsules
  • Parkell’s Anatomicand Non-Anatomic Compression Caps are the perfect assist Dryz in providing safe, effective temporary gingival retraction and fluid absorption during impressioning.


Dryz® Blu features a contrasting blue color making the material more visible against tooth structure. The paste is slightly stiffer than original Dryz to provide better displacement of tissue when the material is pressed subgingivally (with either a compression cap or cotton roll). Dryz Blu effectively stops gingival seepage and is fast acting whether prior to making an impression, seating restorations or restoring subgingival cavities.

The material rinses easily and because of the aqua blue color, any residual is quickly spotted and removed simply with a water/air spray.