Composi-Tight 3D Clear

The Composi-Tight® 3D Clear sectional matrix system combines transparent and translucent materials to allow for trans-enamel polymerization.  Now clinicians can apply their curing light from both the buccal and lingual surfaces without interference from metal matrix bands and opaque separator rings.  This easily allows for proper curing of deeper proximal boxes and is also beneficial for clinicians bulk-filling Class II restorations.

  • The separator ring features tooth hugging soft silicone tip design that virtually eliminates buccal and lingual flash.  It has been significantly reduced in size and is substantially more heat and chemically resistant resulting in longer ring life.
  • Clear matrix bands have Blue View tinting that provides excellent contrast between the matrix and tooth structure improving visualization without compromising composite polymerization.
  • Cure-through WedgeWands® have a cure-through design allowing for curing light to penetration directly to the critical gingival floor.